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A Peek into Work Health and Safety (WHS) Management

The Safety and Health Management (WHS) system of an organization centres mainly upon the well being of their human resources. The most important asset of an organization is considered to be the people employed; therefore, ensuring their health and safety is a top priority in the list of tasks to be implemented in the company. Below are some of the key elements which can be found in WHS of an employee of the organization.

Policies and planning

The policies created in the workplace need to be a reflection on how the company runs. It will directly affect the goodwill of the organization and how it treats its most valued asset. This will become the root cause in improving the overall business performance by setting a clear direction for the employers and employees to follow for the betterment of all parties, complying with the rules given in the relevant acts which should be followed by the organization. Also, it is important that the company owns a safety statement which has details on all targets set for their safety plan. A proper plan should be formulated in order to proceed with the other steps of the WHS Management process.

Implementation of plan

If you are still new to WHS Management, in order to ensure that you follow the right path, a safety management plan template can be used in this step. This requires developing mechanisms and putting your plan into action where the committed involvement of the staff will be ensured. The main aim of this strategy is to minimize risks. Therefore, risk management plays quite an important role in WHS management. Set performance standards to the employees where a quality service will be the outcome, at the same time ensuring that they are provided with a friendly and a healthy environment at the workplace.

Measurement of performance

This step is where the actual performance will be measured against the set standards of the organization in WHS Management. Some companies make use of human resources forms and templates to get feedback and performance evaluation purposes. This is one of the most important steps in the process since it will give an overall understanding of the bigger picture to all.


This is the final step which includes auditing and reviewing the performance in order to sustain which has been maintained. This can finally be exposed to all stakeholders in way of an annual report which would have much information on this matter. Therefore, if the process is handled with proper care, the company will be able to successfully implement WHS Management in the organization.

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