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Thinking of a low maintenance home? Here is how

When it comes to one’s home, everyone has individual choices and preferences. Most of this does, obviously, depending on budget, but it does also depend on practicality to some degree.

If for instance, you are generally a very busy person, then you probably do not have enough time to clean and maintain your home regularly. And if someone has kids, then they would rather not have some of their finer pieces of furniture or parts of the house wrecked. In all of these instances, a low-maintenance home does seem to be the most sensible idea. If you are contemplating it, here is what you need to know.


Of course, the aesthetics of opting for this is very much different to timber and can often make the house look more commercialised, but some do opt for aluminium windows. This is mainly because there is less maintenance involved. No polishing, varnishing or weather-proofing needed, and they will last a while too. Timber does last a long time too, but only if you take care of it. Plus, aluminium costs less as well. It is the same thing when you decide to go for artificial decking Melbourne for example instead of wood.


The wonderful thing about laminate floors is that they are chameleons so to speak. You get both the finish of the premier kind of flooring you desire, but at a much lower cost. You can get laminate floors in both stone and wood finishes depending on what you want. What is more, it is super easy to take care of as well, as it comes with a tough outer layer that withstands scratches and wear and tear. Ideal for homes where there is a lot of traffic or kids perhaps. Plus, they are also quite resilient to things like humidity and temperature changes.


Once upon a time, composite options were starkly different to their original counterparts. However, thanks to technology and 21st-century advancements, now allow you to go for no maintenance decking Melbourne without compromising on appearance. In fact, they are so progressive, they can even mimic the grain and colour of the wood. Since composite options do not splinter or fade, you need not worry yourself with touching up, refinishing and applying deck cleaner periodically. Of course, you should keep it clean, but that is really all there is to it.


Well sure, it is quite grand to stroll in a garden that sprawls for acres, but unless you have an equally expansive team of staff to take care of it, you should be more realistic. You have to mow the lawn, clean up dry leaves, weed out… well, weeds and so much more. Which, soothing as it can be, is a tedious job too especially when you are too busy with life. So opt for a small garden, and maybe consider artificial grass if you do not fancy mowing the lawn too often.

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