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Places to Visit for the Wine Lover

Who doesn’t love to enjoy a glass of wine that tastes amazing after a meal? But since this amazing drink is considered a luxury most of cannot afford to do this on a regular basis. And we tend to stick to the cheaper alcohol as a method of compensation.

But there are some of us out there who can afford to have wine tasting as a hobby. And the effect of this drink is such that once you get hooked you don’t want to let go. And you get so curious with the punch of flavours in it that your taste buds are always looking for more. And then you end up trying the different products available to you in the market. And sometimes you senses are not satisfied even. And it drags you to the very places where these amazing beverages are produced so that you can get a wholesome experience.

So What Are Some Of These Places You Need To Visit?

Well for starters the port city of Geelong is an ideal spot to start from. Situated in Victoria, Australia most of us might think it is beyond our budget to visit even though our temptation is screaming at us to somehow make it work. But you would be surprised at how affordable the trip actually is when you consider the cheap accommodation Geelong offers along with the fact it’s a small town and you can make it to most places on foot, so you don’t have to worry about travel cost from one place to the other. And the vineyards here make for such a beautiful backdrop for you to enjoy a glass of wine sitting in the heavenly sunset. And you couldn’t actually ask for anything more to satisfy your senses.

The next place would be the beautiful vineyards in South Africa, which are situated in the midst of majestic hills and oak-lined roads. Entering these wineries gives you a tingling sensation. And you add to this the amazing wine that they serve you and there will not be a happier individual than you on planet earth at that point if you are someone who knows how to savour luxury when you see it.

And for all those oenophiles out here France is like the must go to place. Because it is the home to some of the most beautiful wineries as well some of the most exquisite wine. And being a picturesque country as it is France is an opportunity that you don’t want to miss out on. Because you need to savour the right drink in the right place to experience its true flavours.

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