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4 reasons as to why you must get your wisdom teeth extracted

There is contradictory evidence as to why people have to extract their wisdom teeth. You might not need to remove it at all either. Keeping in on for a long period especially if you have bouts of pain can lead to insomnia and cavities. The tooth can infect areas around it too. High fever is also a common sign of wisdom tooth pain. You will have to discuss with your dentist the best mode of extraction for you. Here are some reasons as to why you must extract your wisdom teeth:


Keep in mind infection can set in due to the gums swelling up and the limited space in the jaw too. You will have to focus on alleviating the pain by taking several types of oral medications which will reduce the swelling for you too. The teeth can be partially damaged and separation in between the gums can lead to bacteria developing too. You will have to be careful if you are experiencing any pain. Go to the wisdom teeth removal Mackay experts who can assist you by removing your teeth safely.

Overcrowding of the teeth

You will have to carefully think about the overcrowding of the teeth. The others in the surrounding will be pushed which will cause a lot of misalignment. You will then have to end up wearing braces for a few years in order to fix the problem. Your smile will be tarnished too if you are wearing braces for a long period of time. If you have been wearing braces and the wisdom teeth have developed time for you to remove it else you might end up wearing them again too.

Damage to the surrounding teeth

You must be careful as the surrounding teeth are more likely to get damaged. You must carefully look into how the molars can be broken down and it can lead to bone loss and cavities too. You must carefully consider the effects it can have on the other healthy teeth. Consult wisdom teeth removal Mackay for more assistance on the best removal procedures out there.

Tumors or cysts

Keep in mind that tumors and cysts can develop too. You will have to be careful as it can grow near the jaw bone area which will lead to a lot of pain. You will have to opt for several treatment procedures in order to get rid of it too.

You must carefully evaluate the options the doctor will provide you. Opt to extract your wisdom teeth if you have any problems with teeth decay!

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