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Grass Varieties That Can Withstand the Drought and Adorn Your Lawn

We all know about those summers that bring in the heat waves where nothing or nobody can stand it. The same goes for your dear lawn too. Seeing it all withered and parched is nothing short of an eye sore. This is why, with another summer coming up around the corner, seeding your lawn with these different drought-resistant grasses can really help you keep that green around for longer.

Tall Fescue and Sheep Fescue

Tall Fescue is a type of grass that grows in a bunch and is very adaptive to many diverse and extreme climates. Every plant however, will grow from a seed separately, therefore you need to seed your lawn a bit more heavily than usual if you plan on growing them. This would be a common choice with landscapers northern beaches as would be another variety known as Sheep Fescue. If the Tall Fescue is mowed and maintained correctly it can provide you with the feel of a normal or traditional lawn. You need to give this type of grass about ¾ of water each week and that needs to be given in a single deep watering session. The grass is also highly resilient to traffic.

Sheep Fescue

The Sheep Fescue too needs very little water to survive and tends to grow in clumps. Looking rather natural, you will only need to fertilize this once every other year and you do not even need to mow it all the time. However, because of the bumpy nature that it has, you might not want to use this if there are kids in your household who might stumble and fall while playing in the backyard.

Buffalo Grass

This is a grass variety that is incredibly famous for being scratchy and irritating on your skin. However, after the ‘Soft Leaf Buffalo’ variety was cultivated, the grass really caught on and is today a very popular choice among home owners. Some of the varieties under the soft leaf category like Matilda Buffalo and Sir Walter can result in beautifully lush and comfortably soft lawns if they are looked after well. It is also really easy to grow and to maintain and does really well during the seasons of both summer and winter and is really drought and extreme weather resistant. The fact that it can heal itself if damages means that it would be the perfect component of a family lawn with heavy traffic.

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