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The major risks of construction work

There are two different concerns when it comes to worker safety on the job. One of these is the safety of the equipment that is being operated, and the other is the safety of the site in general. In practice, they are mutually dependent on the other. If the safety of the equipment on the site isn’t up to standard, the safety of the site goes down as well. It works conversely as well. If the areas surrounding the site or in the site aren’t safe, equipment is put at risk too. There are many different hazards that you find in a typical construction site.

The hazards are everywhere

Whether you are working with building or excavation equipment Toowoomba and other cities are going to have risks with the actual site and the terrain as well. One of the biggest risks that a construction worker and equipment run are falls. There are many opportunities in the general area and during operation on a normal day to fall off equipment or even buildings, depending on the stage at which the construction currently is.

Stairways are another zone that people need to be careful around. While not nearly as dangerous the moment as a fall off the huge bobcat Brisbane and sites in other cities have, a stairway or even a ladder could cause a fall that might very well result in some broken bones at the very least. Thankfully, there are measures that can be taken against these, and most of these are to just be cautious. When it comes to ladders, it is important that they are braced firmly against the ground as well as the wall.

Use the right ladders

It is typically recommended that the ladder being used should be taller than the height needed to be reached. This is so that the worker doesn’t have to try and balance themselves on the topmost rung of the ladder while trying to do the work that they are supposed to. In related terms, scaffolding is also a high risk factor because when it is set up incorrectly it is very likely to collapse without warning. This has happened a few times before in sites all over the country.

Another important safety issue is the electrical equipment being used on the site. If there are tools that are powered by mains electricity, or if there are loose wires lying anywhere, the risk of FATAL injury is highly likely with improper use. As a construction worker, you need to know exactly what the correct safety procedures around live electrical wires are, so that you can always be prepared and know exactly what is going on around you. NEVER attempt to fix an issue with a power tool while the power is still running through it. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are; just don’t.

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